Announcing the 2018 Paris Talks Main Theme: “The Human Species In The Year 2075”

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The 2018 Paris Talks Edition will be held in Paris, France on March 26, 2018.

Paris Talks is now welcoming fresh and innovative contributions to Humanity’s Future dialogue.

Experts, practitioners, and thought-leaders with a strong grasp of emerging issues, innovations, trends, and new business and social models in France, Europe and all around the world are encouraged to submit speaker applications.

“The Human Species In The Year 2075” will be the main theme of the 2018’s Paris Talks edition featuring more than 12 innovative and influential speakers and entertainers.


What impact will Education, Technology, Science, Art, Design, Religion, Economy and Environmental Changes have on the Human Species by the year 2075?

Futurists are predicting that by 2075, Islam will have overtaken Christianity to become the dominant religion while, by that same year, the Global average temperatures will have risen by 4°C. Vast stores of methane, released from melting permafrost, will have triggered an abrupt change in the Earth's climate.


The CO2 levels will have reached almost 700 parts per million – two and a half times pre-industrial levels.


This will have resulted in a global average temperature increase of 4°C, with the Arctic region seeing rises as high as 15°C.


In many parts of the world, the limits for Human adaptation will be exceeded by 2075 thanks to Technology.


Despite attempts to share food and resources between nations – and to accommodate the surge in refugee numbers – the sheer scale of this disaster is presenting enormous challenges, even with the technological base of the 2075s.


The number of displaced persons will overwhelm the ability of international organizations and governments to cope. Even if a lot of refugees will survive and resettle in higher or lower latitudes, and even greater numbers will be unable to complete the journey, or denied border entry, resulting in alarming numbers of deaths from hunger, conflict and adverse environmental conditions. It’s been said that the use of heavily modified GM crops, hydroponics, desalination and other techniques will allow some regions to maintain a degree of stability.


Futurists are also saying that Traditional free market capitalism is facing enormous pressures and upheaval, as civilization struggles to adapt to this new and rapidly changing world.


For too long, Humans exploited their environment with little appreciation of long-term consequences. Nature will finally start to redress the balance.


Fusion power will be widespread and by the year 2075 (or even earlier) most leading nations will have, at least, one fusion plant either operational or in the process of construction. These reactors will offer a cleaner, safer and abundant supply of energy.


The year 2075 will give Humans fully automated homes.


Futurists and Smart City experts have predicted that by the year 2075, buildings in developed countries will be highly automated, self-sufficient and, in addition to robots, a typical new home will include a localized power supply, on-site water production and waste management, a multi-layered building envelope which provides a variety of dynamic effects, Air purification systems, Interactive surfaces with holographic generators that cover the whole interior of the property, Intelligent/self-maintaining appliances (that don't repair or maintain themselves).


It’s also been predicted that by 2075 Five-year survival rates for liver cancer will be approaching 100%.


Lots of predictions …


What does the year 2075 look like?


What does it hold?


Will it be the final century of the Human Species?


Are you a decision-maker, artist, entrepreneur, inventor, scientist, educator, futurist, environmentalist, economist, visionary or just a curious person?


Would you be interested in becoming a Paris Talks Speaker or becoming part of this experience?


Are you able to predict, educate, explain the trends and data on what the next century will be like?


How will your field of expertise influence the Human Species by the year 2075?


Would you want to share some provocative, disruptive insights, promising new ideas and approaches on how to deal with some of the world’s toughest current and 2075 challenges?


Paris Talks is the right platform for you.


Become A Paris Talks Speaker Now!


Application Submissions for March 2018 edition are now closed.


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The State Of The World: Listen To Radio France International Now!