Paris Talks 2018: Highlights

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The first edition of the Paris Talks conference has just ended. 

It was epic. 

We had more than 15 influential speakers from Paris and all around the world, more than 400 attendees and a team of volunteers from diverse background.

Before the video footage of the talks come out, we wanted to take this moment to relive the experience through short quotes shared by our speakers on the Paris Talks stage together with interesting insights coming from the community. 

Let’s get this started:

Quote from Riel Miller’s Masterclass:

“We put the glasses of prediction, but we don’t know which glasses to wear”. Riel Miller @RielM just finished his masterclass at #ParisTalks 

For a better recap of this masterclass, please check out this article published on Méta-media (France Televisions’ Innovation Department) by Alexandra Yeh.

Paris Talks (@ParisTalks)


“My name is Sienna, I am only 12 years old, I AM YOUR FUTURE!” - Sienna is kicking off #paristalks conference about…


“If it’s robot created, is it still art?” - Meghan Rutigliano @burningman at #paristalks 

“What I can say for sure – the future will be bright” - Meghan Rutigliano @burningman at #paristalks

“Google knows that you are pregnant before you know it” - Yul Bahat on #privacy at #ParisTalks

Jean-Marie DAVID (@jeanmarie_david) 26-Mar-2018
What is the contrary of "privacy by default" ? #ParisTalks



Mathieu Vergnes (@MrVergnes) 26-Mar-2018
When privacy becomes currency #ParisTalks ▶️ Si vos infos privées sont utiles à des fins commerciales, alors elles…


Lily La Tigresse (@JTaimeMNeither) 26-Mar-2018
Why devices will benefit rather than harm us, the currency of privacy by Yul Bahat @ParisTalks ExpatsinParis…


Scholar Noire (@scholarnoire) 26-Mar-2018
What we keep private, we add value to. And what has value has a price and can be bought. This is as interesting to…


Jackie Celestin (@CelestinJackie) 26-Mar-2018
African innovators are using technology to create better sustainability in #healthcare and #agriculture…


Lily La Tigresse (@JTaimeMNeither) 26-Mar-2018
“Innovation must have a purpose” - Murielle Diaco in @paristalks @ExpatsinParis #paristalks


“In 2075 religion and faith systems will remain!” @kelly_delp at #ParisTalks 

“In all the religions people have rituals around the food – it is about gathering and creating a community and this value should remain” @kelly_delp at #ParisTalks

Scholar Noire (@scholarnoire) 26-Mar-2018
Bernard Muhindo is arguing for millennial creativity & innovation to I’m here for it #ParisTalks


Scholar Noire (@scholarnoire) 26-Mar-2018
2% of Kenyans have left poverty because of technologies like #mpesa #ParisTalks


Scholar Noire (@scholarnoire) 26-Mar-2018
If we look at consumer behavior, we are all millennials.’ -bernard muhindo #ParisTalks


Scholar Noire (@scholarnoire) 26-Mar-2018
Socially responsible investment & peer to peer networks are changing the landscape of risks #ParisTalks


Scholar Noire (@scholarnoire) 26-Mar-2018
‘Technology, social media and collaborative spirit — thank high social values of millennials for this’ - Bernard muhindo #ParisTalks


Scholar Noire (@scholarnoire) 26-Mar-2018
The future belongs to people who see possibilities before they become obvious #ParisTalks

“Try to be the best you can be” - great guided meditation session by Anna Martin of @AffordableYoga

Connie-Lee Bennett (@merakitherapy) 30-Mar-2018
In order to #FixTheFuture, I believe we need to connect with the core of who we are, stand in our inner confidence…


Paris Talks (@ParisTalks) 28-Mar-2018
“Don’t turn your hot date into a due date” @roberthoehn at #ParisTalks


Paris Talks (@ParisTalks) 28-Mar-2018
"In 2075 we will still have humans in the #workforce if we embrace #AI today." #ParisTalks @lpawlicz


“Artificial intelligence will never know what the pain of being burned is” - @lpawlicz at #ParisTalks 

According to Lara, there are 2 main challenges with Artificial Intelligence:

  1. It can recognize a cat, but does not know what a cat is. 

  2. It is based on the frame learning and does not know unfair outcomes (for ex. If you google “Executive” it was showing only white man and had to be reprogrammed)

“The future will be with Augmented Artificial Intelligence that I can trust that will be managed by humans” - @lpawlicz at #ParisTalks 

“There are lots of exciting developments in #solar research and hopefully we’ll see all sorts of developments like solar windows” - @ute_collier at #ParisTalks

Paris Talks (@ParisTalks) 28-Mar-2018
The biggest challenge for the #energy sector over the next few decades will be to reduce carbon emissions.…


Kelly Delp (@kelly_delp) 27-Mar-2018
After listening to @Ute_Collier 's talk at #ParisTalks, I opted for LED bulbs today instead of incandescent. Commit…


Paris Talks (@ParisTalks) 27-Mar-2018
“City processes and services will improve automatically” @timoelliott shares examples of Nanjing and Karlsruhe citi…


Michael (@michaelbahati) 27-Mar-2018
@timoelliott's presentation had those amazing videos that really tell the story easily. It was amazing to listen to…


Paris Talks (@ParisTalks) 28-Mar-2018
“Ask your children what are they doing online, who do they talk to online and when” Elizabeth Milovidov…

Paris Talks (@ParisTalks) 28-Mar-2018
“We will not have autonomous vehicles tomorrow, but there will be a constant increase in the vehicle's ability to as…


“The future of the Automobile is Connected, Shared, Intermodal and integrated” - Robert Stevens shares at #ParisTalks

“Yesterday the Driver OWNED the car - tomorrow the Driver will USE a car” - Robert Stevens on the future of the automotive industry at #ParisTalks

Jackie Celestin (@CelestinJackie) 26-Mar-2018
An insightful presentation on the future of #healthcare. Today we are our treating our #health from the outside in…


Juliet Atkinson (@julietthecoach) 26-Mar-2018
From outside in to inside out healthcare is the paradigm shift coming in #healthcare @health20Paris @ParisTalks…


Lily La Tigresse (@JTaimeMNeither) 26-Mar-2018
The perfect engineered human by 2075? According to @health20Paris it’s possible @ParisTalks @ExpatsinParis…


Scholar Noire (@scholarnoire) 26-Mar-2018
The question will be: How long do we want to live? Our bodies will be able to accompany us in ways that we haven’t…


Paris Talks (@ParisTalks) 26-Mar-2018
“For 100 years we have been looking at the human body from the outside trying to understand what’s inside”…

Paris Talks (@ParisTalks) 26-Mar-2018
“Whether you like it or not artificial intelligence and robots are around us.” @rameshcaussy at #ParisTalks


Scholar Noire (@scholarnoire) 26-Mar-2018
There is space to build new industries with this technology that can help us.’ —Ramesh caussy #ParisTalks


Jackie Celestin (@CelestinJackie) 26-Mar-2018
Diya One X , the well-being #robot using #BachelorInParadiseAU AI. Poor air quality is a major cause of death. 90…


L'Ecole Parisienne de Langues (@ecoleparisienne) 26-Mar-2018
Nous aimerions bien avoir ce #robot qui analyse la qualité de l’air intérieur tout en le nettoyant ! #paristalks…


Mathieu Vergnes (@MrVergnes) 26-Mar-2018
Meet Diya One & Its Inventor: Humans And The Future Wellness Enhancing Technology #ParisTalks ▶️ @Diya_One, le pre…


“Face swap, connective underwear, sex dolls, AI, holograms, cyborgs, implants, devices controlled by the thoughts, augmented brain, 3D prints of human cells” - the future of sex by Maëva at #ParisTalks

Maria Guadalupe – “The company (Wo)man in 2075”

“Artificial intelligence is not a threat, it is an opportunity to rediscover the humanity” - Maria Guadalupe #INSEAD at #ParisTalks

“The #futureofwork lies in high functioning teams and our ability to rediscover our own humanity” according to Maria Guadalupe @ParisTalks #ParisTalks 

Juliet Atkinson (@julietthecoach) 26-Mar-2018
The #futureofwork lies in high functioning teams and our ability to rediscover our own humanity according to Maria…


Scholar Noire (@scholarnoire) 26-Mar-2018
The collective IQ of a team is higher than the individual with the highest IQ. If we think of a team with decision…


Scholar Noire (@scholarnoire) 26-Mar-2018
“How can we organize ourselves to be better than machines? The answer is teams.” - Maria Guadalupe #ParisTalks


Scholar Noire (@scholarnoire) 26-Mar-2018
‘I think there will be companies who provide empathy love and support to others. ‘ a company in Japan hires actors…


Scholar Noire (@scholarnoire) 26-Mar-2018
‘Returns on interpersonal skills are higher than ever. You are paid as much for these skills than for knowing math’…

A few more quotes and shares from the community at the conference.

Mathieu Flaig (@MathieuFlex) 26-Mar-2018
La conférence @ParisTalks sur le Futur de l'humanité à quelque chose de très rafraichissant et bienveillant ❤…


“I am already missing everyone from #Paristalks hope to see you next year!”- Kate Nikityuk @bigcitymums

@JTaimeMNeither: The Future is in our hands! Bravo

@michaelbahati and the whole @ParisTalks team and speakers!

Paris Talks video footage of all the talks from our speakers will be released in a few days but before that, you can check out our Google Photo page where you’ll find other images and short interviews from Facebook Live sessions from all of our speakers. 

Also, if you browse through social media with the #ParisTalks hashtag, you’ll find a lot more.

Thank you again for having made the first edition of the Paris Talks conference a success. 

Just like the past of Paris Talks, now its Future, together with that of Humanity, is in your hands. 

In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for more on videos, the call for speakers, sponsors, partners, volunteers and mentors for the year 2019.

Let’s fix the future together.