10 Biggest and Craziest Future Threats to Humans Existence on Earth

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Over the years, we’ve heard a plethora of stories about the “end of humanity on Earth.”

Apocalypse, Doomsday, 2012 – there have been several predictions about the end of human existence. However, the end of the world is bound to happen. While it is difficult to imagine Earth without “our existence,” numerous dangerous scenarios are eyeing us, right at this moment, that could be potential reasons for the wipe-out of the human race. 

In this article, we will talk about 10 biggest and craziest future threats to our existence on the Earth. 

No Kidding – These Are Serious Threats to Our Existence

Here are 10 warnings and possible reasons for the wipe-out of humanity from the Earth. 

1. Global Climatic Change

The most prominent of them all, global climatic change is the biggest threat to humans. It is real, and it is happening. If you think global warming and the global climatic shift is a farce, you’re absolutely wrong! Countless reasons have contributed to the melting glaciers, depleting the ozone layer, increasing sea levels, and rising temperatures. The burning of carbon, production of methane, emission of chlorofluorocarbons from appliances, etc., have contributed to the increase in greenhouse gases. Even though we, human beings are aware of our wrongdoings, there’s no remorse or willingness to turn things around.

Floods, untimely blizzards, sweltering temperatures - we’re standing at a point of no return. However, you can still cut down the carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the damage. 

2. Biodiversity Loss

As a result of human activities, biodiversity is under enormous threat. A team of scientific researchers has drafted “threat maps” to highlight the impact of human consumption on the biodiversity. The rapid decrease in the number of species is 10000 times greater than the extinction rate in the absence of human existence. Unsustainable depletion of natural reserves is resulting in an accelerated environment extinction of species which is known as “Biodiversity Loss.” A popularly known case is the devastation of wildlife and rainforests in Malaysia and Indonesia to free land for farming of palm oil. 

The fewer the animals, the fewer will be humans. That is where the importance of biodiversity comes into the picture. Biodiversity ensures the natural sustainability of human life on Earth. 

3. Global Pandemic

While none of us can predict when the next global pandemic will strike, we know for sure that it is coming for us. Higher risk of infections, development of resistance to microbes, the spread of deadly diseases through global trade and travel, inactive public health systems – these are some of the reasons that contribute to the risk of outbreaks. Universal health check and security is the only way we can save our race from global pandemics. 

4. Biological and Chemical Terrorism

Biological, chemical and other non-nuclear menaces, such as drone and cyber-attacks, create a group of weaponry that may not generate as much material destruction as nuclear weapons can, but have a severe impact on the population. Specific varieties of biological weapons, such as anthrax or weapon-based smallpox, can harm millions of humans based on the situation and the magnitude of the population's vulnerability to the biological threat. Therefore, biological and chemicals weapons are known as poor people’s nuclear weapons.

5. Super Volcanoes

The eruption of Super Volcanoes poses a tremendous threat to the human race. It is bound to come sooner or later, and scientists have warned that they will be very catastrophic for the modern civilization. A team of scientists have concluded that the last deadly Supervolcano eruption took place 17000 years back, which means that the next one might be due anytime soon.

6. Asteroid Threat

Asteroids that can collide with the Earth can completely wash-out human existence. The threat of asteroids ramming into our planet is clear. A giant fireball that crashed into Russia in 2013 was a global alarm for the public. There is a simple understanding of the risk associated with an asteroid collision with the Earth and the same does not require detailed explanation. 

7. Unknown Unknowns

Well, you may find this a bit weird, but there are “unknown unknowns” that pose a threat to human existence on Earth. There may be numerous situations, creatures or objects out of the world that are unknown to us. You never know when they might jump right in front of you and cause havoc on the planet. It could be anything from a war between two nations to a cyber threat. It’s critical to keep your eyes and ears open all the time. 

8. Biohacking

Biohacking is a new wonder that could lead to significant changes in your life. It is the process of making changes to your living to take over or “hack” your body’s biological system and make it more useful. For instance, the alterations that scientists are making to existing micro-organisms to create “superbugs” can have a negative impact on human existence. These self-multiplying viruses and bacteria can lead to global pandemic. 

9. Destructive Robots

No doubt robots amaze us, but we have no idea how dangerous they can be for the mankind. With the advent of artificial intelligence and the ability of machines to function independently, completely automatic human-like machines known as “killer robots” can prove harmful. We won’t even realize when these machines created by us turn against human beings. 

10. Food Shortage

Rising global temperatures resulting in water shortage can lead to severe food shortage on Earth. Out of all the global threats mentioned above, water shortage is the deadliest. Scientists have predicted that global warming and water shortage will cause three times more food shortage than what is there today. Droughts, emerging pathogens, dependence on fertilizers, and saline soil are also some of the factors that pose a threat to global food security. 

The Bottomline

No matter what the threats are, some of them are almost unavoidable even when you know they are coming, no matter where you are. However, there are a few threats like global climatic change, biological & chemical terrorism, biohacking, and global food shortage that are still under your control.