Announcing A New RFI-Paris Talks Partnership.

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Paris Talks is excited to announce our media partnership with Radio France International (RFI), a major Paris-based international media service that is broadcast worldwide.


RFI is a 24-hour French radio station focused on current affairs and is one of the most listened to international radio stations in the world.  Together with the station’s English service, Paris Talks will be able to share its innovative ideas and foster dialogue with the rest of the world.

This partnership will give our speakers an international platform on RFI, and associated online platforms, with the objective of providing the radio station new, innovative content, and disruptive ideas, on how to tackle the current and future issues facing our world.


Paris Talks will frequently share RFI’s content on its blog, fostering greater visibility to its Paris-based and worldwide communities, and through monthly Newsletters and regular Social Media activity.

Since its creation, Paris Talks has brought an intellectual, philosophical and practical contribution to the world’s present and future challenges through talks from visionaries and prediction enthusiasts, with the aim of promoting networking opportunities amongst thought-leaders and Paris Talks participants.


Reaching out to brands and Media outlets that align with our mindset and believe in the power of ideas to drive positive change has been our main tasks since day one.


Having RFI as a key partner is confirmation that our efforts are paying off, and that we’re on the right path to building our brand and curating great content that engages our participants, partners and sponsors, and contributes to the future of humanity.


Our hope is that this partnership will help attract even more artists, decision-makers, inventors, entrepreneurs, educators, scientists, environmentalists, economists, visionaries and individuals interested issues related to the future of humanity to attend Paris Talks conferences.


We strongly value working with companies and institutions led by leaders that believe in the power of ideas. The RFI English service represents all we stand for; an international media outlet that draws on the expertise of its Paris-based inclusive and diverse editorial teams and unique global network of 400 correspondents that provide news bulletins and features which give listeners the keys to understanding the world.


RFI English is also a radio station with 40 million listeners around the world every week (weekly audience without extrapolation) and its new media platforms attract 10 million visits a month.


Paris Talks would sincerely like to thank RFI’s English service team for trusting us and helping us grow as an Ideas Festival that inspires the leaders and thinkers of today and tomorrow on how to influence the world through big Ideas.

The State Of The World: Listen To Radio France International Now!

The State Of The World: Listen To Radio France International Now!