Blueprint For Peace: Introducing the Paris Talks 2019 White Paper

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The Paris Talks team is super excited to introduce the Blueprint For Peace; Innovative Solutions To Modern & Future Conflicts, a white paper that draws conclusions on the state of conflict globally with a special focus on social and local conflicts. As its subtitle suggests, this publication brings forward innovative solutions to all these complex sources of conflict.

One obvious and important conclusion to be derived from the 2019 Paris Talks conference is that conflict, in the modern world, appears to arise from multiple local, national and international sources especially when we fail to listen to one another, and when our legal systems fail to produce a "level playing field" between minorities and the majority, but also between the least and most advantaged people (and nations) of our communities.

Throughout the talks, shared ideas and proposed conflict solutions from the Paris Talks conference and working group sessions, it’s been reminded that Nation-States, businesses and citizens:

  1. have to commit to their promises vis-à-vis international agreements for a smoother multilateral working framework.

  2. should strive to be active peacemakers by continuously engaging in educational policies and projects to ensure a peaceful environment for the coming generations locally and globally.

  3. work hard towards improving the application of a strong rule of law, which protects human rights, helps prevent and mitigate violent crime and conflict by providing legitimate processes for the resolution of grievances and disincentives for crime and violence.

  4. give all actors (nation-States, business and individual citizens included) equal voice and representation in the discussions and solutions concerning global challenges and securing a peaceful future for all.  

It is our hope that the above-proposed solutions and recommendations outlined by experts, thought leaders and engaged individuals will help alleviate the world’s most pressing challenges by encouraging governments, NGOs, policy organizations, businesses and think tanks to implement or have them serve as a catalyst to other positive actions.

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