Introducing The New Normal: Paris Talks Podcast Season Two

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If we were to start a New Normal, what and how should it be?

Welcome to the Paris Talks Podcast. 

The second season of the Paris Talks podcast, launched mid-december 2020 is trying to understand, through its six episodes, the post-COVID-19’s New Normal through inspiring stories and testimonies from innovators, community influencers and policy-designers.


Paris Talks podcast is produced by Michael Bahati and features young and innovative individuals working in diverse sectors, for diverse organizations (entrepreneurs, United Nations, corporate foundations, etc) and coming from diverse backgrounds.


Most (if not all) of the conversations featured in this season of the Paris Talks podcast were recorded via Zoom, Whatsapp and most of the files featured and mentioned were all transferred using online communication tools. 

Basically, this is probably what the future of work looks like; remote-working is a reality and this podcast is a testimony of that.


This season’s theme song is Nipe Story (pronounced “kneepay story”) by Charmant Mushaga

Additional music is provided by Sumana Music and pixabay 


For more information about this podcast and our other projects, please visit

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The State Of The World: Listen To Radio France International Now!