Other Predictions on the Future of the World

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Impressive predictions have been made on art and design, science, education, economy and finance, environment, human and religion and in technology sectors.

However, though quite debatable, the existence of psychics is something that cannot outrightly be ruled out. Whether it is luck or well-thought guesswork, the world has been treated to amazing predictions that came to pass and many others that never lived to be seen.

I guess we all know of Nostradamus and other popular psychics who have since made compelling predictions that almost shook the world. 

Apart from Nostradamus, the Sleeping Prophet, Mark Twain, Nikola Tesla, George Orwell and the Periodic Table surprised the world with accurate predictions or guesses. 

Depends on how you look at it.

Firstly, it is predicted that by 2070, authoritarianism will be back. 

This is said to be as a result of a projected increase in insecurity and lawlessness leading to the reintroduction of draconian measures. As a result, people may no longer be able to enjoy popular rights and freedoms such as the right of expression, freedom of movement, right to privacy and freedom of assembly among others. 

It is also predicted that by 2030s, nanobots will be able to plug themselves into the human system. 

While this could be dangerous, futurists claim that it will come with a lot of advantages. They will boost our immune system to be able to fight all diseases including cancer. Coupled with vaccines, we could get to an era without HIV. 

Whether this is possible is left for the future.

We have always believed that there are aliens out there and we will one day meet them. 

As far as the latest prediction is concerned, this will “probably” never happen. 

We have an ancient galaxy yet no single provable contact with aliens has been made. As a matter of fact, there is nobody in space to sending us signals that may lead to the imagined meeting.

Interestingly, secularism and agnosticism will creep back. 

As predicted, organized religions will reunite to counter a single enemy.

However, the number of missionary Brits and Americans will greatly reduce. 

All debates against secularism will be fronted by religious sects across Africa, South America and parts of Europe.

Mechanization of agriculture has seen a lot of changes, and this will not stop soon. 

Futurists predict that this, together with the developing intimacy between man and land will bring about square tomatoes! 


A more crazy prediction is that by 2045, we will be able to feel the smell of what is aired on our television sets. 

Nicholas Negroponte, an IT specialist, predicts that apart from sight and sound, television sets will provide olfactory and feedback output.

Do you think spouses will be able to control each other’s mood? 

This sounds funny. However, it is believed that in 2 or so decades grouch pills will effectively control marital relations among spouses across the globe.

The list of crazy future predictions is endless, and not much can be said here. 

At Paris Talks, these and many other predictions are always discussed. 

Whether we live to see them happen is another thing altogether!

Get involved now.