The Paris Talks Team Visited The Conference Venue: Here’s A Visual Report!

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The Paris Talks Curation Team visiting the Theatre (from the left: Marie, Keenya, Michael, Rob & Dalia)

As you know, Paris Talks is an Expats Paris project devoted to ideas about the Future of Humanity. It’s mainly a platform for provocative and disruptive ideas about what the future of the Humankind looks like.

It’s also a conference that’s done in the form of short, powerful and inspiring talks (15 minutes or less). The first edition will take place at The Théâtre de la Porte St-Martin on the 26th of March 2018 from morning till late in the evening.

The main theme of the 2018 Paris Talks Conference is “The Human Species In The Year 2075”, featuring more than 12 innovative and influential speakers and entertainers that will talk about impacts the current and future innovations in Education, Technology, Science, Art, Design, Religion, Economy, and Environment will have on the Human Species by the year 2075.

Paris Talks will gather a huge crowd of more than 900 futurists and, as you might guess, to put together such kind of a project together, the curation team needed a prestigious venue that could host this event.

We found one and went to visit it.

This post is a report (in images) of our visit to the theatre, followed by a short curation meeting on the conference schedule that you can find right here. These images were taken by Rob SITBON, Michael BAHATI and others are borrowed from the Theatre itself. Abhinav and Emmanuelle are the only team members that couldn’t make it.

“From my perspective, I think the question of how we build a better future is an extremely important overarching question, and I think it's become obscured from us because we no longer think it's possible to have a meaningful conversation about the future.” 

- Peter Thiel

The Paris Talks Curation Team (from the left: Marie, Keenya, Dalia & Michael)
First Version of The Paris Talks Tote Bag (left) while Dalia enjoys being photographed by Rob.

Keenya and Marie talking about the importance of a beautifully-designed networking technology & a delicious lunch for Paris Talks conference attendees.

The Théâtre de la Porte St-Martin’s picture taken from the main stage.

The first foyer reserved for Paris Talks’ networking and coffee/prediction breaks

The second foyer reserved for Paris Talks’ networking and coffee/prediction breaks

The Second foyer (again) reserved for Paris Talks’ networking and coffee/prediction breaks 

Théâtre de la Porte St-Martin: Image on the main stage where Paris Talks will take place.

We’re so excited to bring this together and more than grateful to all of our partners that have been supporting us from the very early days. 

Hoping to go to Paris Talks 2018 conference? If you are, buy your ticket now.