Introducing The Paris Talks 2018’s Edition Venue

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The 2018’s edition of the Paris Talks conference will take place at the following locations:

The Main Conference, networking breaks and cocktail will be held in the main theatre and its luxurious its foyers:

Well, The Théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin is actually a venerable opera house found on 18, Boulevard Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris (Métro Station: Strasbourg-St-Denis).

This opera house was first built really fast in the year 1781 under the direction of Nicolas Lenoir (1726–1810) to house the Paris Opéra, whose previous home, the second Salle du Palais-Royal, had burned down on 8 June 1781. The new theatre had a capacity of about 2,000 spectators and included a parterre with the lowest-priced tickets sold only to males who stood throughout the performances, an amphitheatre, and four rows of boxes. The Opéra used the theatre from 27 October 1781 until August 1794.

The theatre was destroyed by fire during the Paris Commune of 1871 and replaced in 1873 with a building designed by the architect Oscar de la Chardonnière (d. 1881), who enlisted the aid of the sculptor Jacques-Hyacinthe Chevalier (1825–1895) in the design of the new facade. The new interior of the theatre was designed by H. Chevalier. 

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Other Lectures and smaller side events will be held in The Théâtre du Petit Saint-Martin 17 rue René Boulanger 75010 Paris (Métro Station: Strasbourg-St-Denis).

This is basically within the main Opera though it has its own entry.

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