Paris Talks Speaker: Introducing Diya One, The Future Wellness Enhancing Technology.

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We are pleased to announce our new keynote speakers for the 1st edition Paris Talks. These are now part of our amazing lineup of speakers, artists, and entertainers that will take us into the future by showing us what impacts the current technology, economic, social and environmental innovations will have on the human species by the year 2075.

We are very excited that the prestigious Theatre de la Porte Saint-Martin has accepted to open its doors to our speakers and attendees of diverse backgrounds for a full day dedicated to the Future.

Having recently moved the conference date from the 19th to the 26th of March 2018, some of our influential speakers announced that they wouldn’t make it anymore but at the same time, new ones came on board, including DIYA ONE and its inventor Ramesh CAUSSY, among others.

While most of our speakers have been and still are Humans, it’s important to take this moment to introduce Diya One, another Paris Talks entertainer who’s not human (at least not yet), but Robot.

In this Youtube Video, you'll find more other features that Diya One brings onboard to help enhance Humans' wellness.

Diya One is the robot that wishes us all well.


This 100% French robot makes it possible to purify the air in an entire building and we expect that it’ll do exactly that when walking onto the Paris Talks Stage on the 28th of March 2018. Diya One is programmed with artificial intelligence, it has been invented and developed by Partnering Robotics, and offers enormous potential in terms of building services, energy efficiency, and occupant well-being.


Diya One and its inventor will all be at Paris Talks and will argue with our audience of futurists why Robots can and should have an integral place in our lives.

The entire team at Paris Talks team is over-excited about this news and invites everyone to get their tickets before they sell out.


Get your tickets now.

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