Press Accreditation


Press accreditation
Thank you for your interest in covering PARIS TALKS 2019!

To apply for credentials, the assigning Editor/Producer must fill out the following online application form. If you are a freelance journalist, you must be on assignment from a media outlet. If you’re a photographer, you must, also, be on assignment. We do not consider Spec photography, portfolio photography, and personal website photography as valid assignments. If you are not the assigning Editor/Producer or are a freelance journalist or photographer, we recommend that you please do forward this form to the appropriate person to be completed.

We’ll take your coverage plans into consideration when reviewing your application to cover Paris Talks and expect coverage to be thoughtful, insightful, informative and consistent with your stated coverage plan. We do not, yet, consider social media or a compilation of photos, videos or articles unrelated to Paris Talks official conference as press coverage.

Here’s what you really need to know:
  1. ONE designated point person in your media outlet should complete this application, on behalf of your organization, for ALL personnel wishing to cover the event on behalf of the outlet. Individual attendees must be listed within that single application.

  2. Requests for accreditation will only be considered if submitted via this Paris Talks official online process with the online application form fully completed. At the moment, we are unable to accept Application requests sent by email.

  3. As part of this online credential application, your assigning Editor/Producer MUST provide a letter of assignment on behalf of each individual attendee on company letterhead, stating a description of your outlet, the name of the journalist(s) assigned to attend and the scope of the coverage. If you are submitting multiple attendees, you only need to write one letter of assignment, that lists coverage details for each individual on one overarching document. Just be sure to re-attach it directly to each individual application. If you are a freelance journalist or photographer, you need to be on assignment from a publication and provide an official letter of assignment.

  4. Only actively covering, legitimate media will be considered for credentials. Analysts, Market Researchers, Marketing / Advertising firms, Brand Content Producers, Consultants, Media Coaches, Educators, Filmmakers, etc. are not included in the Paris Talks definition of legitimate media. If you fall into this category but are a contributor to an outlet that meets our qualifications, you must be on assignment, and provide a Letter of Assignment from your Editor.

  5. Special (Conference auditorium + Coffee Networking Space) Credentials will be allotted on a case-by-case basis and are never guaranteed because you requested them. You must provide a detailed coverage plan for the conference.

  6. Press Credential Applications should be filled out as soon as possible, and no later than Friday, March 4, 2019. No Applications will be considered after this date, and walk-up requests will not be granted.

  7. Your application is not considered complete until receipt of your letter of assignment. Please upload your letter of assignment within 2 business days of filling out this application. Incomplete applications will be cancelled within 5 days.

  8. Once your application is complete, please allow PARIS TALKS 15 complete business days to consider your request.

  9. If you are approved for credentials, you will receive special access to the Press-Only RSVP link. Places are given out on a first come, first served basis. The earlier you apply, the better your press credentials will be analyzed.

  10. PARIS TALKS reserves the right to approve or deny accreditation. The decision is final and cannot be appealed.