Paris Talks Technology

While most people think that technology is at an all-time high, we tech geeks know for sure that we are yet to see more in 2018 and beyond.

A lot has happened, but much more is bound to happen at least going by trends over the past few decades. 

In fact, investors in this industry will reap big. The Paris Talks Conference presents us with the chance to explore, analyze and project the possible trends in technology for decades or even centuries to come. 

Let's face it, what is the relevance of today's technology in 40 years? 

Will it be obsolete? 

Well, it could be.

Before we get to the gadgets, we may want to look at the internet and ask ourselves certain questions. 

What transformations are we bound to see on the internet? 

Will we stick with internet centers, routers, and WiFi forever or what would be the new medium that replaces the internet? 

This is a hard call for now, but presentations at the conference will obviously be amazing.

Technology has changed how we do almost everything today but we must acknowledge that we are only halfway into the era of computing. 

For example, when the first version of Apple iPhone was released operating on OS X, the basic phone features of it provided then were a revelation. 

About 10 years later, with the launch of OS 10, the iPhone has virtually a business device a with a computer-like operating system. 

We now have an entire computer system and office in our pockets. 

What will phones be able to do by 2075?

The Internet Of Things has also led to advancements in smart devices. Five years ago, not many people imagined we would be enjoying the luxury of talking speakers, smart cameras, home automation systems, and other smart home appliances. 

But it won't stop there. 

What does the AR, AI, and VR present to us in future?

A more controversial issue that will certainly come up when technocrats congregate in France is the projection by a section of futurists that robots could replace up to 50% of the current human employment midway through this century. 

Robot technology was more of science fiction a couple of years ago. 

It is now a reality, but the fact that it could replace routine personnel such as teaching, diagnosticians, and many others may still not be farfetched.

The increasingly advancing technology will not leave behind general infrastructure and the transport industry. 

While a number of predictions have been launched, there is an anticipation of more predictions next year. 

The past decade or so has seen the era of dream liners, spaceships, electric trains and a lot more.  

We should, therefore, ask ourselves how the industry would look like in a couple of decades should the technological improvements remain consistent.

Every year, the Paris Talks Conference gives us a perfect stage to discuss, explore, deliberate and make projections on long-term effects of continued advances in technology. 

Whether as a keynote speaker or attendee, the conference provides an ideal forum where innovators, investors, developers and tech enthusiasts chat and predict the future as far as technology is concerned.

Get involved now.